Community Support...

Each year we help and support hundreds of causes and individuals whose lives have been affected by meningitis or septicemia. 

We are currently supporting a young disabled girl, Tate Willis, whose mother contracted meningitis whilst pregnant. This may have been the cause for Tate to be born without her left arm as there has been no other medical conclusion.  Tate has struggled with bullying throughout most of her school years and has discovered sport as her escape from the bullies.  Sport has made Tate's confidence grow and she is now a very keen footballer.  Her parents with support from the community have set up a non-profit organisation to raise awareness and help Tate and other disadvantaged children in sport.


In June 2019 they are holding a youth football festival in Brighton, named in Tate's honor, and have over 1000 young footballers taking part. If you would like to find out more about the event or to get involved please visit their web site www.thetatecup.com

The Meningitis Help Charitable Trust wishes them much success with the event!

If you would like us to help or support you at your event please contact us